Lighting Coil

Do you know what it takes to mount a lighting coil on a YZ426? I was thinking about getting a WR lighting coil so I can put on a pencil beam headlight for night riding. Has anyone done this yet?

I have no experince with this so I'm up for suggestions.

Contact Baja designs. They have everything you need. All you need is enough desire to get what you want and the means to pay for it.Where I live we have what we call urban motocross. It is a 50 mile loop made up of a huge loop of combo trails and streets much of which we ride at night.We blast thru it so fast that nobody knows we are comming or that we have already been thru. It is sort of like, what was that, a lawn mower? That's right Larry.The secret is simple, keep it silent and fast and dont run the same route more than once a week. There is great fun to be had. Just be carefull not to step on anyones toes and they wont step on yours.

Onward thru the fog.

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