450 exhaust

I have been tryin to find full a full exhaust system for my wr450 but all I can find is stuff for the 400-426. What exhaust are you guys runnin and what would you suggest for high altitude 10,000 ft. mountain trails.

I read an article in Motorcross Action that was a pipe shootout for the Yz450. It was interesting to see that not too many pipes offered a real significant improvement over the stock pipe. I was all up for buying a 'big gun' exhaust or a Yosh system, but after reading that article, it made more sense to me to put my money towards new triple clamps and a steering stabilizer for about the same money.

Isnt the yz exhaust better than the wr's?

Yes, the YZ muffler is straight through design unlike the WR. The improvements would be greater on a WR than on a YZ.

I havent rode at 1000ft but I have a Q-series from FMF love it !!

I just bought a used yz 450 pipe it bolted right on and increase performace quite a bit and it also save me a couple hundred dollars.

Very nice pipe... Bet that'll cost a bomb... :):D


Did you have to get the header pipe too or just the midpipe and silencer?


I retrofitted the FMF Q from my 02' WR426 on to the WR450. It is a close fit againts the frame but bolted up just fine. I ride the 10K stuff and the FMF Q is not an issue. The bike is getting less air at that altitude anyhow and have had no back pressure issues. I have a White Bros. R4 and a stock exhaust for the WR450 sitting againts the garage wall now, probably forever.

I purchased the FMF Titanium 4 silencer and midpipe for my WR450. It was much lighter than the stock wr exhaust and it gave it alot more power. MXA magazine ran a pipe shootout for the YZ450 which is a great source of information for you. It shows dyno results and riders opinions. You have to realize though that the power gains will be much greater for the WR because it has a heavier and more restrictive exhaust. I love my Ti 4 pipe but I like to mess around on the track. You may prefer a different type of set up.

Jersydirt The header pipe is already titanuim so I just decided to get the silencer and mid pipe. I have the canadian wr so the silencer is welded together so there would be no way to get it to fit also the YZ pipe is slimmer then the WR pipe. It looks a little funny because the side panel is about two inches away from the pipe. Oh well the power gain is worth it. :)

HighplainsWR- Where in CO do you live? Im in southern CO.

Thanks for all the info. I wanted a Dr. D but maybe somethin else will find its way onto the Blue balls.


would the number plate from a YZ fit the WR so that it doesen't stick out as much with the YZ exhaust?

JerseyDirt I origanly thought it wouldnt becasue i read some were that the two air boxes were completly diffrent. How ever I went to yamahas web site and downloaded the 360 viewing and put them side by side and on the exhaust side the looked identical; but its hard two tell just from the picture maybe some one can confirme this. I might just try heating it up and bending it inwards; seeing as i am a poor student and dont have a lot of spare cash floating around. :)

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