Steering Head Race

Can someone help me identify the OEM part # for a 08 YZ450F steering head upper and lower race - not the bearing but the part the bearing sits in...

I have been staring at the parts fiche - is it part of the bearing ? I don't see it separated out ?


You don't want to separate it out. It will come as a set. The newer Bearings are upgraded and have an additional rubber seal fused to the bearing. I would replace it with this. Not sure of the part number. Hope this helps.

You can't separate them from a purchase standpoint. The "cup" (outer race) is sold with the "cone" (roller, cage, and inner race assembly).

The revised upper is 93332-00078-00, and the lower is 93332-00081-00.

Both include integrated seals.

Thanks for the response.

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