Bad Day For This Guy 2010 yz450f

That's the stuff of nightmare's......................

With the recent shooting in Washington of the 4 officers by a piece of shite that should have been in prison......perhaps its time for the bleeding hearts to start thinking about the victims of crime and not the criminals commiting them, odds are these theives have been doing some form of theft prior to this and have perhaps been caught.

We all hear from the press after the asshat had murdered or caused harm to someone " that the suspect was known to police" or had a lengthy record.....

If they commit a crime, LOCK them up...if they do it again....make them dissapear...

We need to get tough on the people responsible for letting the criminals out....That ass that let the guy out that should have been in prision for 90 years...he should be charged too...

Great post

I think they should go back to hangings on the court house lawn, nice and visible for the public to witness

Let the punishment fit the crime

You steal= a log + their hand+ a 3# sledge

You rape someone= see above, replace 2nd item with their twig and berries

You kill is where the hangings come in

Willing to bet the crime rate would go down

Absolutely no motherf@#$#k mercy!!!!

I have personally had 2 bikes stolen over the years on 2 separate occasions. I can not begin to tell you how lousy it feels to go into your garage and find a patch of empty concrete where your bike used to be sitting.

I agree fully with grayracer513. I have 0 tolerance for a thief and bike thieves are some of the worst. Hey, the good new is that the dirt bike theft qualifies as a felony here in Cali. Maybe he will do some jail time, maybe. However, the state should let the bikes owner burn the thieves privates off with the hot header pipe from the bike he stole. In front of the Capital in Sacramento. No pain killers, Slow and painfully, then release him. It would be a slow agonizing death worthy of a thief, justice. If they did this regularly you could leave your stuff out as you should be able to with no worries of it being stolen. The good people would never have to worry about theft or adequate punishment. They wont, the system is whacked out. Just punishment would be called inhumane by the idiots. Look at all the people who wine about child pedophiles, murderers and rapists getting the electric chair, WTH. They say its inhumane...

dude thats sick and twisted!.....I LIKE IT! its a great idea but before you burn there nuts off you should 1st put the on the bike and make them ride it full speed as you wait with a spiked bat dipped in gas and set on fire so its burns the gashes it leaves like hell and burns there skin to and as they tumble weed across the ground prefably very rough, with rusty nails and some razor blades,maybe a few needels that have been used by a aids infested junky,then burn there nuts on the header!and maybe there tounge to....just before you chop off there theiving lil fingers!

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