WR 426 pipes??? and mods

I've just brought a new WR 426 and want to put a pipe on it ! now the big question is ..what one ?? i've seen many ..like staintune ,fmf,pro circuit,barret ..but they are like $600-800 bucks ...and i've heard the 426 doesn't gain all that much from a pipe ??? is this true??? i've been shown a TK pipe ( $250 bucks) has anyone heard of this brand before ? if so any good??

if anyone has any other mods to do to the bike ..would be much appreciated if you could let me know ...

cheers guys !!

craig in western australia

Craig,Buy yourself a YZ 426 silencer off E-Bay.They usually go for 50 dollars American,and roost on :)

Hi Craig, just as RSA210 says, go for a YZ muffler. I scored mine (Canadian YZ, same as Aussie version) on eBay for US$41.00, by the time I had it shipped over here it owed me $160.00 Australian dollars. Cheap considering Yamaha Australia wanted over $1000 for a new one. With YZ timing, jetting etc, my bike now runs great. As for other mod's, go to Motoman 393's page, which is on the TT homepage, and there will be a few mod's in there to keep you busy. If you need any help, just PM me, Chris.

craig, I have a yzf and a wr, I put a DSP ti pipe on my yzf, the midrange gain was incredible, and the pipe almost weighs nothing. the yzf was up for sale so I took the DSP off and put it on my wr, same thing awsome midrange and more top end. you are correct on the price, the DSP cost me $800.00, the problem here in california there is a new bullsh## law that your bike cannot be louder than 96db, most pipes do not meet this yet, if noise is not a concern there are quite a few good pipes out there, I have a FMF on my crf450 that works good, it's not as light as my DSP though. as soon as a buy a new pipe for my wr the DSP will be for sale if your interested.

I've got a 99 WR400. Love the White Bros pipe. Sounds great, and added some ponies. Everyone I've talked to that has the White Bros on whatever rarely has a bad thing to say.

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