i am getting vibration from my handlebars. they are stock . anyone got a good suggestion for a new bar. i don't have the money for oversized bars and clamps so for now i am just going to stick with the 7/8" bars.

What I did is the following:

Get some hard rubber about .5cm thick and fashion some pads that fit under the bar holder where it attaches to the triple clamps.

If not already using them, use self locking nuts on the bolts that hold the handlebar holder to the triple clamp and tighten down to whatever seems resonable.

They will then act like 'silent blocks'. Ensure you use self locking nuts or they may back out and that would not be a 'good thang'!

A thumper suggested putting silicon glue and buck shot into the bar ends to add some dampening. I am trying to find some clamp attachments that "shock" isolate the bars. Faast Co. told me that thier bar inserts will not work on the stock steel WR450 bars. I get arm pump real bad. On with the hunt.....

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