Am I normal.... or not?

Can someone please help me, am i normal? :D

How many of you out there are like me? My family think that i may be slightly obsessed :D My wife doesnt understand how i can go to the shed for hours and just look at my bike. Sometimes i have been found sitting on my bike whilst still on the stand practicing some riding techniques and making engine and gear change noises :D

Has anyone else spent an hour and a half moving things around like leavers and switches and ended up with them right where they started out?

How many of you have a picture of BOTH sides of your bike in front of your computer?

Is armoralling between the tread going too far?

The list can go on and on and on, the countless hours of mod planning for the future, the daydreaming of future rides, the bike gets washed two to three times a week and the family car once in two months, when the boys come over the women are on the verandah and we are in the shed and so on.

The thing i need to know is, is this obsession in the extreme, or quite acceptable behavour? :)

I hate to break the news to you... but you are relatively normal... now, your average suit type would not do such things, but once you have a dirt bike, well. things like priorities and the way you spend your time change... :D

We all think the shed is the place to be, in fact, I have gone so far as to have the bikes in the house... here in my office... as long as I turn the fuel taps off, they don't smell... LOL I also have the tool boxes, compressor etc all in here... in air-conditioned comfort... I suppose you could say I have my computer in the workshop, but the fact that it is the dining room as well is not something unusual... :D

One thing I like doing is having cool bits on my bike - not obsessively, but nice little bits... stuff not available in Australia... :D so I like to buy stuff and add it to my bike... nothing wrong with that... isn't that what they invented the internet for... ? easier access to more trick parts... :D

It is important to fine-tune your riding position, your ergonomics etc... when they end up in the same place after hours of twiddling, you know you had it right the first time... :D

When you start spending the grocery money on bike bits, then you have a problem, but hey, you can always buy home brand and spend the extra hard saved money on stuff for the bike - and I know you just happen to drive past the bike shop on the way home from the supermarket... :D

The reason TT exists is so that we can all come and do a reality check like this... what did you think we were going to tell you... "go get a life..."? :D not likely... :D This is our life...

TT is also useful to get more tips and mods... and to spend time on when you are injured or otherwise indisposed... :)

Wait until you have kids and buy them bikes... then you have a great excuse to go down to the dealer (again), or spend even more time in the shed, 'bonding' with your son... you can start them off right with their first thumper, and then get them down the shed away from their sisters... get them trained up early in the rituals of dirt bike ownership... kids make great spanner 'gophers' as well... :D

Even though my bike is just over behind me, less than 8 feet away, I still have a model YZ426F on my desk for eye candy... I should setup a rear view mirror on my monitor to watch my bike... or turn the webcam on and have WR cam live on my screen... LOL

I would judge you 100% fit for duty...

BTW, how do you find the StainTune... not too noisy?



You took time away from the bike to wash the car. you are NOT obsessed! And neither am I!!!


I just finished reading a book from DR Ruth just about this issue. It was called "DirtBike Fantasy or Fetish? You Tell Me" In my best Dr Ruth Voice.

Bottom line of the book is we do this because of an unspoken needed to be loved by inanimate objects. Its derived from our childhood as we began to to be taught about lawn mowers, Grinders, anything that plugs into a wall and drills holes or cuts metal, pounds nails and smells like grease on a well used rag.

Dr Ruth even went on to describe the "Neanderthal effect" that has its roots in modern man as he tries to achieve this affection. It can be observed with grunts and groans as the Man is working on the bike or for that matter anything in the garage. The Wife, kids or Girlfriend calls him to dinner and all that is heard is YaOKBthereinaminute. this is called the first initial response syndrome, on the second call to dinner its met with yesyesygivemeaminuteisaid, this is observed as the totally oblivious to anything natural effect. Finally it is met with a intense pain on the back of the head as the shoe or any other object handy to the Female is solidly flung in your direction with pin point accuracy to the Cranium. This is called the goodigotyourattention effect.

The problem with the last issue according to Dr Ruth is that the point is missed when we pick up what ever was thrown at us and discover we had been looking for it for the last hour. Thats the Denial Effect

Dr Ruth equates this to mans desire to have control, much like when a sports show is on and the clicker in hand and the wife is doing the samba with nothing more then a feather in front of you. All that you think of is a beer, touchdown and get the heck out of my way.

What does Dr ruth know anyway shes just a perverted old lady

I have my Rolling Tool chest in my bedroom... ... I might have a few problems, but they are problems I do not deny and I am willing to deal with them in a logical manner,

I just wanna buy every tool, is that so wrong? :)

What??? You guys wash your CAR!!! :) I only ever use a car to tow the bike trailer, or pick up large bike parts I can't fit in my backpack. I'm not obsessed. I'm not obsessed. I'm not obsessed. I'm not obsessed. I'm not obsessed. I'm not obsessed. I'm not obsessed. I'm not. :D:D :D :D


and you others thanks for the vote of confidence, the pipe is too loud for street but great out in the bush.

Up here there is heaps of wide open space so noise isn't a problem (yet).

I am out of action at the moment with a torn shoulder tendon, :), good timeto strip the bike down and detail :D

I can't remember the last time I washed ANY car. My lawn tractor is leaking oil (it's a total loss oil system now), and the battery won't hold a charge. I take my wife's cars (I won't claim them) to the corner speedy lube to change the oil. The only clothes/shoes I buy have to be motorcycle compatible. The first thing I do to a new bike is disassemble it, grease everything, and re-assemble it torqueing every bolt to spec (this is also a good time to install all of the trick goodies you puchased before you took delivery of the bike).I think you are perfectly normal. Women do not understand the difference between passion, and obsession because the only thing they are familiar with is the latter. :)

You want to hear something that really sucks? I took my WR to the shop yesterday for the TSB. While unloading the bike from the trailer, I somehow snagged my knee on one of those nice sharp footpegs. I didn't think it was that bad untill the doctor showed me the hole in the tendon right at the base of my kneecap. My bike is in the shop so I can't even hang out with it, I can't bend my knee so I can't even ride the XR50 around the yard. I'm in Hell.

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