EASY suspension question for most of you..

I just picked up a very nice 07 450f , I will be riding mostly woods, I am 180lbs and the guy I bought it from had it set up for 240ish lbs rider. I have the stock springs, can I just swap out the springs? What else? Im new to the dirt world, been on the R6 only past 5 yrs.

Appreciate it.

I would start with the springs, yes, then go from there to see how it works. The correct spring rate is the single most important aspect of getting the suspension to work right.

One criticism of the '07 in particular was that the fork was a little stiff/harsh compared to the '06, and to the later ones, but it was still quite good. YZ450's in general need a bit more initial rebound response at the rear.

Try just the springs first. If you're still not content, then look into the valving.

Spring it for your weight. Reset sag. Dial in compression front and rear. Check fork height (in triple clamps) to see if they're to your liking.

Yes you can swap the springs. You will need some new oil for the outer chambers of the forks if you want to do just the bare minimum. I would suggest you service the forks and shock when you have them off the bike as a large portion of the work is already done. If you are riding woods only a revalve will provide a smoother ride but you can always play with the clickers and see if that satisfies you.

A good resource for rebuild procedures can be found at smartperformanceinc.com. Dave Johnson is the owner of the company and is very helpful.


If you have not changed the springs yet, ride it, you might be surprised that with some clicker adjustments you might find it to your liking. I weight 195 and when I ride a friends bike that is the same year and model but valved and sprung for his 250lbs, I like that it seems a little plusher than my bike.

Yeah , I have not done it yet. He had the stuff sent out to CA to be redone by Enzo. I will ride and play with clickers and then maybe swap out the springs. I didnt know how much there was to this. Have not worked on a post 1985 dirtbike, figure they just may have changed a few things. Thx

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