LarryCo jetting question

After 2 weeks of waiting the jets arrived for the LarryCO jetting specs. The only problem is they sent me a 160 MJ when I ordered a 160 MAJ. The Yamaha shop (who seems to know there stuff)claims Yamaha does not sell a 160 MAJ. So where can I get one? Any help would be great

If you got them from sudco, they did the exact same thing to me. I already have a 160 MJ. I haven't called them back yet but maybe we should both do this today.


Racemile, I wnet through my "local" Yamaha shop. They are pretty cool about it, they are working on seeing if someone else supplies them, I will let you know what I find out.

I had problems with Sudco mixing up my jets 2 times when I switched to LarryCo's jetting. Call them back and complain. I did twice and they finally straightened things out. Search on this site and you can find their 800 number so the call is on them, not you.

On a positive note, I just got back from Moab. All I did was change the main fuel jet to a 155 and the thing ran awesome the whole time I was there. Crisp from bottom to top.



Since my bike is a WR450 it will be differently jetted but I am going to Moab for a week in May. Did you just lean out your MJ from a 160 to a 155 <font color="brown"> ? The 160 is the suggested MJ for my bike with a silencer insert. Now, how was Moab, is it a big setback by not having a dual sport bike? I am offroad only. Any must ride areas? Done some 4 wheeling there. :)

I richened my bike by going from a 152 main to a 155 main. My jetting is completely changed to LarryCo's jetting and is visible in my signature. I realize yours isn't going to be the same as mine but you will be lower in elevation in Moab.

I have a plate on my bike so I don't worry about getting pulled over. It's really easy to get one here.

Moab was awesome. The must ride area for me every year is Poison Spider/Gold Bar Rim. It's technical, fun and a great ride. You can hit Gemini Bridges on this ride as well.

We also rode White Wash which is off I-70 at exit 173, North West of Moab. There is a mix of rock, washes and sand dunes. The Utah Trail Machine meets there every year and we wanted to see if it would be good for little kids.

Another awesome place to ride is in the San Rafael Swell off I-70 at exit 129. We ride Swasey Cabin, Coal Wash and Devils Race Track and then the Red and Blue trails which border the FMOH. Coal wash is a ride you can really wick the WR's up to speed. Top gear, wound out. I ran my buddies KTM MXC520 in there for miles.



Yup...get that 160MAJ and ADJUSTABLE PILOT AIR SCREW/SPRING COMBO from Sudco. I've not had any problems with ordering from Sudco before...but I suppose a few folks have had some issues.

For the record, after 2:30PM MST today, please refer to me as "LARRYMN" instead...or you can just call me "Larry - BOY YOUVE GOT A PRETTY MOUTH". I'm already married, and I dont have a sister, so I wonder if they'll let me cross the MN state line tomorrow... :)

On the bright side, looks like I'll be gettin' to check out something closer to Taffy's 35PJ/EMM jetting...not to mention, ICE RIDING!!!


Best of luck in MN Larry, Thanks for all your help. Can you say snowmobile!

maxcbr900wr426, what exactly did you have to do to get the plate, brake light, horn? DOT tires? speedo? Inspection?

All I had to do to get my plate was tell them I had all that stuff on my bike. They don't check. I have been stopped for sparky checks but never has anyone said anything about a lack of a horn, mirror etc...

Rocky Mtn Cycle Plaza in the Springs sells the MAJ's for our bikes. Sudco used to screw up my orders until they got the diagram for the Flat CR carb.

I have the same stubling problem of stumbling just off idle. I am going to try and change to a DVP or DVS needle to see if this helps. (Mine's not YZ timed) The third letter is supposed to affect from closed to 1/4 throttle which is where I am having problems. It runs great everywhere else.

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