black diamond trails at stonyford

I have always wanted to try the black diamond trails at stonyford but every time I have ridden there we are with people who are nervous and don't want to try. I say you never get better if you don't push yourself. So this coming weekend (may3 and 4) my buddy and I are going and we are going to try trail 28 or 27. I have never done an enduro but have ridden with guys who have and they have classed us high C or low B. I have ridden half way down 27 from Cracker box and I am sure I can get back out. What is it on these trails that classify them as black diamond? Is a black diamond a stonyford different that a black diamond elsewhere? From the maps I can figure that you are looking at some pretty steep hill climbs. 1600-2000 foot climbs in a mile or so, are their big ledges, rocks etc. Anyone who has ridden them please let me know what you think. Most of the black diamonds start up high then go down so it is kinda intimidating if you are not sure you can get back out.

I was just there this weekend. If you know you can turn around and get back out of 27 go for it. There are two hillclimbs that will challenge you if you continue on 27. Neither have big ledges or rocks, they just steepen up with turns (some off camber) and if conditions were like this weekend, traction was the issue. They are fairly short. You can turn around anywhere if it gets to much. But if you can climb crackerbox without a hitch, I think you will be sucessful on 27. My opinion...27 is between a blue square and black diamond.

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