Advantage of an 03 intake cam in a 02 426f?

I know the advantages of putting in the 03 450 exhaust cam,but is there any benefit in putting in the intake cam as well? I may be buying a used set of the two cams,and couldn't find this info in my search on this forum.(It's probably there,but.......)Thanks alot. By the way, I noticed the new 450 yzf is similar in weight to my 426......I knew Yamaha would see the error of their ways,and return to the pinnacle of Dirtbike supremacy,that is the YZ426F!!!!!!OH YEAH,I said it,you know it!!!(Sorry...Too much caffeine).By the way,I will trade my superclean 2002 426f for your 2010 450f.My loss,your gain.

The very clear disadvantage would be the you would not be able to time the cams except by using a degree wheel, or by the rather haphazard method of eyeballing them into place. The OEM 450 exhaust cam can be accurately timed only because the OEM 426 intake cam can. With the intake cam correctly timed, the 450 exhaust cam is located in a specific relationship to the intake. Without that reference, it would require a degree wheel or guesswork.

This would also mean that the chain would sit on neither cam in a strictly correct fashion.

The current best choice along these lines would be to use both Hot Cams. The exhaust cam times as if it were made for the engine, which is mostly because it is, and the pair of them together have an overall grind that is quite similar to the '03-'05 450 cam set.

Thanks grayracer,I'm hoping I can get the exhaust cam cheap,as opposed to 140.00 or so for the Hotcam.(with shipping)

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