I had a 03 yz450f with no problems what so ever. With being new to the 4 strokes I got nervous (after a year the valves started ticking) that i would not be able to fix it if something was to happen. So I sold it and went back to a 2 stroke. I have a 01 yz250 with a phathead big bore kit and now after racing on a few sand tracks i miss the torque the pull and not to mention the handling of a 4 stroke. I have a guy with a 99 yz400f that would like to trade me. What do you guys think?

Thanks Guys

shoulda kept the '03. You said you got rid rid of it because you were afraid of having to repair it. Why do you think the 400 will be any different. sounds like you're spinning your wheels here. The 400 isnt going to have the seat of the pants feel that your 03 did, so just realize that. The 400 is going to feel heavier, will be a little less nimble, and wont pull as hard as the '03 450.

Man you got that have an old buddy that I reconnected with that is a mechanic and has a lot of knowledge with the 4 strokes. Thanks for your response.

When in doubt go with a newer bike than the one you had, also a YZ250 is great but will never feel like any version of a 4 stroke

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