2009 YZ450F Exhaust

I just bought a 2009 YZ450F 2 nights ago. I haven't even started it up yet but in order to ride in the OHV parks close to my house I need a spark arrestor. So I bought a FMF POWERCORE 4 SLIP ON EXHAUST and I was just curious if I should consider rejetting it. If so should I pick up the FMF Reeds and such?


Are you in the right forum?

Probably will not need to rejet based on adding the slip on, but since you have never ridden the bike yet you might find that you need to adjust your jetting to your temperature and elevation.


Are you in the right forum?

LOL...you are such a helpful moderator! :banghead:

Oh yeah...send my suspension to Dave in a couple weeks. Thanks for the help.

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