Any dealers in the south with an 09 YZ450F in white?

Looking to buy a new 09 in white...anybody know where one is? Thanks.

$9k OTD on an 09? Heck with that...

Check with Barneys Yamaha in the Tampa area. I was told by a guy at the track yesterday that they have '09's OTD for $5400. Not sure about the white ones.

I saw one yesterday while my friend was picking up his 2010. This was at Yamaha of Lumberton. They had a white one and a blue one, brand new. I'm not sure, but I believe they were under $5000. Lumberton is in the lower part of NC and Jr. Bryant is the owner.

$9k OTD on an 09? Heck with that...

No, 9K otd on a 2010

Alpha Motorsports in Rock Hill, SC has the for $5500 OTD including tax. He just got 8 of them

Found one here in Texas for $5500 OTD...was gonna buy a blue one from Bardwell Yamaha in Mississippi for $4888 OTD if I couldnt find a white one near by.

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