Yet another pipe question

Hey Fellas:

My local shop is offering to set me up with a real good deal on a White Bros Pro Meg pipe - there's just one snag. My bike is an '00 426 and the pipe is for a '98 400. The question is - Does anybody know if they changed the pipe for the 426 or should I go ahead and get the 400 pipe?? It looks like it will bolt up no problem but I don't want to ruin the power.


I got the WB e-series on fri

Same Part number for the 400 and 426


can u say "power of the bottom"

and lots of volume.

The trick is, no disks!

I just race mx on closed courses

so i dont need a SA

This pipe rips of the bottom

but did seem to lose some mid

then picks up again on top.

Im totally stoked!

and what a great fit

i had the super trap IDS and it blew chunks

shitty fit and still as long as the stocker

this WB e-serise uses the stock exhaust gasket and it is only about 2 inches past the number plate.

very cool, compared to that mad max lookin

monster that came stock.

the 400 and 426 are the same pt number

Thx Guys




Keep your stick on the ice!

Thanks, Dude :D:):D :D

Moe; I was told that after a few rides you will never get the stock gasket off of the pipe so maybe plan on getting a new one so you don't get shafted out of a ride at the last minute.

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