Dealers are using for the 2010

I think he might be referring to dealers are not suppose to ship bikes, or say they will ship bikes, or include the cost of shipping in a quote...something of that nature. I don't know if its true, but I have had some dealers in another state tell me that Yamaha will not allow them to ship bikes. I would have to come pick it up in person....apparently its not true in every case I guess
I'm sure thats to protect another dealers territory. As for price fixing MSRP it the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. They are entitled to charge more or less as you can see by the way prices are all over the place on this bike.
There are any number of dealers who sell new bikes online. Most states will not allow manufacturers to limit who their retailers sell to in any way (California is one of them). In most cases, the people who won't allow a dealer to sell a bike in the crate are the insurance/risk management lawyers, and the people in sales who want to charge for "set up".

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