OT:Football/ Hey Chaindrive

Did the Seattle Seahawks just steal the draft?

Seneca Wallace in the 4th round?

I remember you touting him highly as a great QB, but the knack is that he is too small to see over the line.

What do you think?

Can't wait for training season to start!

I've never heard of him before, but that dosent mean he wont be the steal.

My Chiefs drafted a RB in their first pick. WHAT??? :) (anyone heard of Holmes?) What we need is a "D".

Oh well, mabye his hip injury is worse than we know :D

Of course, when we play the Seahawks we could probably just use our practice squad. :D :D

At least you did not call them the "SeaChickens"...

Man, I am going to miss all those old AFC West rivalries. Remember, on a Sunday/Monday night game, Hawks vs. Chiefs, and it was RAINING so hard, and lightening, that they temporarily postponed the game till the storm blew over? I remember seeing buckets of rain pouring down the stairs onto the carpet.

Anyway, I fall for this every year. The players who got hurt last year will be back. Those players who did not play up to thier capabilities will focus and excell. The players that we got rid of in the off-season were ready to give it up. The players that we drafted will supplement the exisiting roster. The free-agent players that we signed are better than those we let go...

NOW WHY DO WE REMAIN 8-8, or 9-7, or 7-9?

Because they are the Seahawks, that is why...

But I love 'em. Always have, always will, just need to learn to deal with dissapointment better.

As a Cheifs fan, how about Christian Okoye? That was a scary dude. I miss Derek Thomas, even if he did set an NFL sack record against my Hawks. I think he sacked David Kreig 7 times in one game!

But now that I think about it, Chaindrive might have been high on Brad Banks. Both are from Iowa... :)

Wallace was an amazing college player who languished under the mainstream media radar because of where he played.

I don't know how well his skills will transfer to the NFL. He is not a drop-back QB. OTOH he is one of those players with whom, when he has the ball in his hands, anything can happen. The defense could be in the huddle with him and he could score anyway.

But all these things don't ever seem to help guys in the NFL at the QB position.

He does have a pretty strong arm I think, but I for one would like to see him returning punts. He could be a weapon in that role as of yesterday.

Atheltes like this simply need to find a spot that gets them on the field. Once there, they shine. Antwaan Randle El, Hines Ward, even Scott Frost. All of those guys could not make it as a QB, but they all are top quality pros. (maybe not Frost, but he still is a good player)

The last quality QB that the Hawks had (David Kreig) was out of a tiny little Mid-West school called Milton College. Don't even think that school is still around.

Some say that the pre-season is meaningless, but I disagree. I look forward to watching Seneca run our offense, and I hope that he does well. He might not want to be a "Slash" type player, but if he makes the squad as the 3rd sting QB, but has the opportunity to make contributions to the team elsewhere (and actually SEE the field), I think most athletes would jump at the opportunity.

And they say our second round pick, Ken Hamlin from Arkansas, likes to hit like a Rodney Harrison. Oh yeah! Let's make that middle a little scary for the crossing patterns...


When does training camp start!

Yeah, I love the preseason for exactly that reason. You get to see all the new talent, including some of the best college players in the land.

If you haven't seen Wallace play much your mention of Randal-El prompts me to compare the two: Wallace is much more talented (only my opinion, but I'm not kidding), and a much better passer, but Randal-El may be a touch faster. I'm not sure if Wallace has WR-type speed, but he sure looks like it.

Don't know anything about the kid from Arkansas, I'm strictly a Big XII guy (Texas Alum).

My favorite college QB of all time is still Bucky Richardson, even though he was an Aggie. Run over you, around you, through you, whatever, and overcame very long odds to actually start in the NFL. He probably averaged 5 passes a game in college, if that, and couldn't throw like Wallace. He seemed to will himself to be a NFL QB just like he willed himself to win all those games in college. Damn stubborn Aggie.

Krieg may still be the best Seattle QB ever, although Moon was probably more prolific.

Remember Zorn? I forget his first name, but he was pretty good also.

Jim Zorn is the current Quarterback Coach for the Hawks. Seems redundant with Holmgren as the Head Coach. Zorn is one of my All-Time favorite Hawks (#'s 10, 22, 28, 45 , 79, & 80 ). I bet that you can remember the old football clip with Zorn holding an extra-point attempt for Effern Herrera? The snap is botched, Zorn gets up, and Herrera (A short, portly Latino who had NO football skills outside of kicking the ball) tries being the pitch man on an option, and Zorn just takes off... Funny stuff!

Jimmy Zorn could pull some crazy left-handed scrambles at any time...

Seattle holds training camp at Cheney, Wa., which is in the dry land wheat fields of Eastern Washington state. It regularly reaches 95-100 degrees, but not with the humidity that you Southern people know. My girlfriend and I have some sweet early 80's 400 cc road bikes that we like to buzzsaw around on. She also likes the Hawks, so talking her into that trip is not so difficult. :)

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