XR600 Throttle sticky when engine running

My 1995 XR600 has a throttle issue when riding at speed. It feels like its working against an engine vacumn. The cables are lubed and it feels smooth and linear when the engine is not running. How can I cure this? :)

Sounds pretty weird. :) I've had to take my throttle tube off a couple of times and clean it and the bar end, but it felt "sticky" regardless of whether or not the engine was running. Lubed everything back up afterwards and it worked fine. Have you double checked everything on the carb end, the routing of the cable and the spring. Could the screws be loose on top of the slide (connects the slide to that funky linkage)? That end of the cable is a pain in the butt to get together. Does the throttle stick when the bars are turned one way, any kinks in the cable housing? That's about all I can think of. :D :D


Try lubing the shaft of the the throttle pivot- this can get rusty.

Try lowering the idle

Try putting a return spring from the throttle pivot (on carb) to the petrol tank rear bracket.

This is relatively common. The engine vacuum at low

throttle openings is quite high and sucks the carb slide

against the front side of the carb slide bore. If you

take the slide out and check it and the bore for any

grooves, maladies, etc, clean off any black aluminum

oxide, and then lube the slide and bore with some man

made synthetic lube with e.g. PFTE additives, then the

problem will not be as severe.


A buddy of mine had the same problem on his 1996 XR600R. The previous owner actually sold the bike because he thought he needed a new carburetor due to the slide being worn out. Same symptoms, not running throttle moved easily, running the throttle would stick and make it very difficult to ride. Checked cables and lubricated, but problem persisted. The solution was to replace all of the parts in the throttle tube assembly. The following is a list of all the parts including cables, but we didn't replace the cables. The grip assembly includes a factory grip and new throttle tube. You can order these from www.ronayers.com for less than the prices (www.servicehonda.com) shown.

1. 17910-MN1-680 CABLE A, THROTTLE 1 $21.80 $16.19

2. 17920-MN1-671 CABLE B, THROTTLE 1 $18.40 $13.66

12. 53162-MN1-670 SLIDER, THROTTLE 1 $4.98 $3.70

17. 53169-MN1-670 PULLEY, THROTTLE 1 $7.38 $5.48

15. 53167-MN1-670 HOUSING, THROTTLE 1 $15.53 $11.53

16. 53168-MN1-670 HOUSING, THROTTLE 1 $9.95 $7.38

9. 53162-MN1-670 SLIDER, THROTTLE 1 $4.98 $3.70

7. 53140-429-000 GRIP ASSY., THROTTLE 1 $19.45 $14.45

Sorry to hijack, but, I'm trying to find parts for a 2000 XR600R in the links you provided, the closest I found was for a 650R. Is it the same part? I tried to SEARCH, here and there, but, no luck. Any help is appreciated. JL

I am having a similar problem with my 93 XR's slide. I put some gasket sealer on the top part of the carb and that helped the problem a little (I think there was some leakage from the top into the carb), but it still sticks when running. so did replacing those parts on your friend's bike really make a difference?

This was gone over a little while ago here if this helps http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=354423

I've kinda just been ignoring mine I only really notice it on the street but I've been meaning to get to it. Got distracted working on the suspension

All of the single carb '88 model on XR6's had this problem. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do that will completely cure it. Frayed or rusty cables, and the throttle assy being dirty/unlubed inside will magnify the problem, so keep the cables lubed and the throttle assy clean.

If you're feeling wealthy, any of the aftermarket carbys will have a lighter throttle pull. I've tried a Mikuni TM 38mm carb on a stock XR6 and it had a much lighter throttle pull than the stock carb and gave the bike better throttle response, slightly better top-end power and was less prone to flooding.

I have had the same problem on 2 XR600s and an HRC628 with the stock carb. If you have read thread referred to by daddyk, you already know how I eliminated the problem by going Edelbrock. With the stock carbs, I had some success in reducing the problem by adding a couple of ounces of two stroke oil to each tank of gas. This smoothed out the carb action somewhat, presumably by the slide and carb throat being lubed as the fuel was being sucked in, but still was not a satisfactory fix.

I completely disassembled my carb today and are in the process of polishing the slide and carb. if this does not work, then I will have to spend the big bucks for an aftermarket carb.

You can buy a brand new stock carb that will not develop that problem for many years, maybe never if you use a good air filter. The stock carb can be bought brand new for around $275...no fitting issues, no cable issues, and no idle issues.

I go my Quick silver Pumper new on ebay for under 400 shipped.....The guy is still on ebay selling them for about the same price.A definate step up from stock....

aftermarekt is the way to go.

I'm looking at fitting an 41mm FCR carb to my XR628.

easier throttle pull (thus lightening the effort) and much better response are what I'm after.

More snappy power is great for riding offroad. Offers much better control

is the FCR 41 off a KTM?? i was thinking of pulling my KTM carb to see if it will work on the XR...

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