Dunlop 773

Is anybody running a Dunlop 773 on their bike. If so how do you like it, and whats the wear like compared to Michilin S12/M12 or a Dunlop 756? I looked at one the other day and think that it's :thinking a sweet tire worth trying out. I just want some opinions before buying one. :)

Just put mine on last week. They are great. I ride in Ohio and western Pa. We have allot of mud and rock, and I have had great hookup. I cant say how well they wear, as I have only had them on for a week, but from a performance stand point, I would say go for them.

I used a 773 rear for a Hare Scramble on mostly prepped MX track, and 2 enduros. It wore very well, still in pretty good shape after 3 races. I found it's traction in soft stuff exceptional, on hard pack though, it's spin city. I doubt if I will use one for any enduros in Colorado, the ground is predominately too hard for it, IMO.

For wet and mud conditions I like it better than an S-12. I think it even bites better than the IRC most of us run in the Northwest. Give it a try, The 100 X 100 Dunlop is 5" across the knobs. It is the same width as a 110 X 100 IRC VE33. That's using a 2.16 rim

I love it in sand. Love it love it love it.

Haven't run an S12 in back, up front I'd say they are comparable. The S12 knobs may be a tad less aggressive on the front tires so maybe it has an edge in longevity. From my experience I'd call it a wash, caveat being I haven't yet replaced my S12 so I guess the jury is out (right now I'm S12 and a 120mm 773 in back).

Remember the 752 and 755? They seemed to chunk knobs off pretty easily, front and rear, especially in rocks. The 773 does not share this trait, although it isn't as durable or as long lasting as a 756. I would attribute this more to knob design (fewer, slimmer and taller) than to rubber compound, there is no free lunch, although the 756 is so good in sand you are eating pretty cheap.

If you ride in sand you can't beat the 773 IMO.

The 773 is a damn good tire! I used a set before and they were GREAT! I'm now running Michelin M12 rear and S12 front.

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