MX-Tech suspension?

Now that it's time to perform routine suspension maintenance, I want to make improvements. MXA magazine claims that MX-Tech has the best YZ fork mods going. I'm also considering RG3 but lean toward MX-Tech. I'd like to hear of experiences and opinions that any other 426 riders have had.

Stroker Speed Equipment did the suspension on my KLX for motocross and I am very pleased with the results. Personally, I find the the Stroker supension is vastly superior to the stock suspension on my 426.

I have sent my forks to Jeremy at MX-Tech. I didn't get them revalved or anything, just serviced. They did a great job and automatically fixed the mid-valve which is a problem with all YZ forks. I highly recommend them. Jeremy Wilkey is a really nice guy that does some great work. I've only heard good things about MX-Tech.

Thanks 4Banger and JBM. I read the forums at and spoke to Jeremy on the phone as well. I will send MX-Tech my forks and shock for all their recommended mods. The only concern I have is that Jeremy is recommending lighter springs which the MXA article stated was the only complaint they had. After the stock springs were reinstalled, they raved about the MX-Tech forks as being the best YZ forks ever.

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