Any tips on case -splitting??

I am trying to split the cases on my '07 450. I have done this before on my 250f,and it was pretty easy w/o any sort of puller,but maybe because it's so darn cold outside(and in my garage),that it is not coming apart very easily. It has about a 1/4" gap on all sides,and I am only using the 3 pry tabs ,but it seems to be stuck now.

The manual just says to remove all bolts and counter balancer.and the cases should come right apart! No mention of any sort of puller or special tools.Any suggestions on where to apply heat,or should I just bring it in the house overbight,and try it again in the morning?

Are you in Houston? You know it is frozen together tonight! As soon as this global warming kicks in it will come apart. Are you married? She will let you bring it in? Heat might help. the cases arent cocked are they?

hold the case your pulling off and tap on the gear shafts and crank end with a rubber mallet. They tend to not want to come out of the bearings. This may be due to the cold also. I would lightly heat the inner race of the bearings and the case around the dowels.

I have the motor inside the house sitting on top of the washing machine.

I don't think she has noticed it yet! I will try again on Monday-race this weekend.

I'll just say something that's obvious to most....don't use screwdrivers to pry on anything.

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