Good Spring Time (Muddin) Rear Tires?

Live in Indiana, late snowfalls, and many spring rains are starting to really piss me off. Don't get me wrong, I like to go mudding every now and again, but I also like to be able to ride aggressively when I ride. Looking for a back tire that will hook up well in the mud. Currently running stock Dunlops. Don't want to stud tires, looking for another tire option. :)

michlin s-12 front & rear

Trelleborg seem to be one of the best, but definitely the most expensive. But they do last along time. I'm going to get a set for fall mud.

You are a crybaby! :D:)

Michelin m-12 front, s-12 rear.


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Michilin S12 for Indiana for sure!

Anyone try the Dunlop D773's. They seem resonably priced. Around $30 per tire online.

Also, don't listen to Jason (DR-Z Owner) about the crybaby stuff. He's my neighbor, and he's just sore because my toy is faster than his. :)

Where are you finding 773's for $30?

The site is They start at $26.95 is what the add says.

That place is a rip off! Are you riding on a 10 inch tire??????? They want $72 for a 773 there. Read the ad a little closer.

I am a mudder.....

Don't you want to be a mudder too?...... :)

If you want a great mud tire, try the Michelin S-12's front and back at 12psi.

You will then see the light my friend!


No, I didn't look closely at the add, just browsing through, and saw the price. Wanted to know what people thought of the 773's. My thought was, if there that cheap, they're probabaly not worth a sheet. But, some people seem to like'em ok. :)

I have been a Michelin die hard for years, I was convinced to try a set of Trelleborgs this year after being beaten soundly by several lesser riders with these awesome tires. They are by No Means Cheap. But well worth the money spent. I was going through an S12/M12 combination every three races....I have had my Trelleborgs for 4 races now and the knobs are still in great condition.

I won't say that I will never use another Michelin, but for serious mud and sand T-borgs are my preference now.

Bonzai :)

773 is a great mud tire. They really run $50-60.00. A lot of guys run S-12 int he mud here. The one I had was not impressive. It like to slip on the roots and the rim. Yes, we had to run low pressure to get it to bite. i run a higher pressure on the 773 and it works great. Just my experience in our area, some friends still like the S-12 in the rear.

For a front tire the M-12 has been very good. You might try Two tires no shipping, decent prices.

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