How to make a street legal YZ426F????

I want to know how to make my YZ426F street legal, if anybody could tell me how to do it, I will be very please. I live in St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada.


While I don't know all that you need to do, there are some steps that I know. First, you will need street legal lighting. I remember seeing a shop advertising in a magazine such as Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider that offers these kits. Seems like it was Eline or maybe Baja Designs. Of course you will need DOT street legal tires. Try calling your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles for all the requirements. Don't be surprised if the person you talk to there treats you like dirt. It CAN be done if you are willing to persevere. If you can get your hands on a White Brothers catalog, you can probably find that kit. I also recommend that if you find it in the WB catalog, get the part number and the price, then call Westwood International and they will give you a much better deal. Ask for Moe. I order form them Often and haven't found anyone that can beat their prices.

My yz400 is street legal and I first had to buy an e-line lighting coil, but it is ugly and I would put an add on to my existing ignition if I was to do it over. Then I bought a mirror, 9-volt powered horn, hydraulic brake light switch, dot tailight, and regular headlight. I live in Michigan so most people don't know squat about DOT tires so I don't run those or a DOT headlight with high beams. I bought everything off Baja Designs web site and called them for any questions. Great people, but I didn't need a fancy kit with batteries and all that crap for michigan so I just made my own set-up. The biggest cost is the lighting coil, which looks cheasy and can be done with a add on for around 150.00 vs. 500.00 for the e-line. Don't get me wrong the e-line is a great piece of work, just ugly in my eyes. I would call baja designs or white bros. for the real scoop. Hope this helps some.

You could call Baja Designs, but they (as of a month ago) are on back order for eight weeks. I purchased an external stator, all the lighting, and break switch from them. All they didn't have was the switch and wiring harness. No big deal. Got a switch from an old street bike. Make sure you get flush mount rear blinkers and mount the front blinkers to the top tripple clamps. In PA you have to get a R title. This requires a form from a notiery, taking pictures of the bike and getting the pictures signed by an inspection station. Then, back to the notiery, 50 bucks and they send it to the DOT. Mine got sent back saying the rear fender didn't hang down far enough. So, I'm still in the process again. Make sure you fender is grossly hanging down. It also wouldn't hurt to compress the suspension a little as well. My bike w/ 14 49 gearing will cruise at ~50mph. I just purchased 15 48 gearing hoping to pull 60. I also didn't need to buy street legal tires. The inspector looked at them, but didn't know what he was looking for.

Hope this helps


Thank's Boit, ETS & npuza

Where can I find info on the e-line, and what's the difference between external and add-on coil, other than price $150 vs $500.

Some website speak about stator mod to give more current and not coil. I'm confuse, I always think the stator generate the power and knot a coil. If someone could explain me the difference and the primary fonction of each of these two component, I't will help.

And also, if you know of website that could help for my project could you please give me there adress. There is tree that I already knew.

P.S. the e-mail on BajaDesign don't seem to work.


Thank's Nick for the clarification, I just read your other post on how an external stator work and it's very helpful, I also find the information and picture of the e-line unit at baja design web site.


I have to admit, like "ETS" said it's not the most beautifull accessory you could put to your bike. :)

CrazyRonny :D

I dont know if i mislead you, but the coil i was speaking of is the stator widings. I you use an external stator you will then have two stators on your motorcycle. One to run the engine and one to run your lights. I think Add on coils would be an addition to your existing stator widing making it larger (more windings) therefor producing more electricity.

Hope this helps


Ronny; one way to make the 426 streetable is be very fast.

Maybe stock wr coils can be used, hslm has the prices for stock wr parts. It's been brought up here before but I don't know how long ago and I didn't pay much attention to the answers. Two Dads Racing had a good line on a used eline coil set up and dual sport kit. I don't know how to get a hold of them but I think they post frequently. Good Luck

Oops, I forgot to check with they have the add on lighting coil that is around 150.00


yah these bikes dont stand out. especially when you have the only one for miles around.


Thank's all of you for your help!

I think I will put a e-line unit, the stock WR stator don't give enough power, also make a stator kit, I will find more info about it...

If someone find more info, I will like to ear about it.

I will keep you inform of my SuperMotard project....


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