2001 YZ426F Jetting question... Please help me

I just put a Big Gun EVO limited edition (not sure if that makes a difference or not) exhaust and header on my YZ426F. And I can't find any where on the net about what size jets to run... So can anyone help me out on how to setup my carb for this type of exhaust. I live in Arizona and will attend the dunes at times (Glamis and Gordons Well). I need to know what size to put in the... main jet, pilot jet, and where to move the clip on the needle, and how many turns do I need to turn the air screw... Thanks in advance for all your help

I am not sure what is wrong with the jetting that is iin there, if theres a problem or not. I did notice that the header gets red really quick mabye less than a minute. I know these don't have fans and no air circulation will casue them to get red. But I also read that this could be an issue with jetting? So that is why I posted this thread. I wasn't really sure on what size jetts to put in and where to set the slide needle. Thanks for pointing me in the direction to figure out if I need to change out the jets.

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