93 db

I am planning on going to the dunes in Oregeon.I was wondering how i could get my 426 under 93 db or am i dreaming ? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Also will i need a spark arrestor ?

This may sound a little silly.. but get about 3/4 of a foot of bicycle inner tuber and slip it over your exhaust outlet.

Tape in place and it'll lower your db output a bit.

Sounds silly.. looks silly.. but is V.Cheap and works! :):D



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Read the post Stock "quiet" Pipes. See what you think.

over here in England our pipes come standard at this DB reading. now if the pipes are anything like the 15 pipe shoot out i read in DBR you aren't going to beat Mr Yamaha's figures. unfortunately we don't get the very precise tests you do over the pond.

i reckon the WR pipe is for you.


Hey Islandrider, I live in Oregon and the dunes are great. You do need a spark arrestor and have to be at 93db. They check bikes frequently. The key is not to haul ass by them. I have the FMF Power core iv silencer but have yet to take my 426 to the dunes. Hopefully i'll be there in two weeks. Good Luck!!!

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