Best size hone for my 426 cylinder?

What size of ball hone do i need? The manual says the bore is 3.74in or 95mm. I have the option of 3 3/4" (95 mm) or 4 1/8" (105 mm) both 180 grit.

Out of the two witch would be better? I read some where on here that it should be 4 to 4 1/4 and i read some where else on here that you wanna get the 3 3/4? :cheers: thanks!

And for those who say i cant hone it.... :banghead:

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What's the bore measure?

The bore is 3.74in or 95mm, from what the manual says.

FYI. go easy on it with the hone. your not really supposed to do it. However a gentle clean up should be ok.

....And for those who say i cant hone it....:banghead:
FYI. go easy on it with the hone. your not really supposed to do it....

Check back with us after the work is done. I have run a loosely fitting bottle-brush hone through a plated cylinder once up and once back with no major problems, but a real 'hone' might be a bit rough on the plating.

Yeah, a real quick and lubed hone should be alright. Just enough to de-glaze and re-crosshatch.


thanks gray! Should i shop around to find the 4inch? This was just what i found on the Snap-on web site, I'm going to ask my Snap-on guy if he can get the 4inch.

Unless you have a really good reason for buying it from Snap-On, you might want to Google Brush Research regarding the hone. They don't make them in 4", but they are, as far as I know, the source for Snap-On, and should be much less expensive.

I have a credit line with snap-on so it makes it abit easyer and he priced the 4 1/8 at $50 as to the local tool store wanted to order me one for $67. And i figure the snap-on will be better then the no name from the tool store. I will google Brush Research and see what i can get one for from there. Thanks again!

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