YZ 450 F Timing Chain Spec

Is there a way to tell if the chin is in spec. How much deflection of chain when pushing/pulling between cams?

Is it more likely that a the chain tensioner is bad than the chain stretched?

THanks in advance!

how old is chain? If your 2nd guessing it i would replace it. Not hard to do and chains are cheap.

By the time you would be able to eye ball it, the damage would likely already be done. Just replace it based on hours on the motor. for weekend or occasionally riders once a year would be fine. hour meters are handy for this reason.

Chains don't actually 'stretch'; the clearances between the pins and rollers wear and get looser, just like on a drive chain. A stock Yamaha chain is pretty cheap, and easy to install, so if there is any doubt, or it is more than a couple of years old, go ahead and replace it. When I had the chain out of my YZ250F last winter, it was as kinky and crooked as a dog's hind leg, so I gladly replaced it!

Good luck!:banghead:

Thanks for all the feedback....I have about 120 hrs on the bike

The chain is cheap but remember you'll need the right tools. 0-10ft torque wrench and flywheel puller.

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