NE1 use the pipe from a YZ on the WR?

I was wondering if anyone has tried using the stock muffler from the YZF on a WR and if so, what the results were? Would it be an exact fit?


I am running a YZ pipe. It bolted on nicely. I added a PMB endcap so that I would have a spark arrestor. The nice part is it weighs about half what the stock WR can does.

Thanks Jeff, I would like to try out this set-up.

Watch out! The YZ silencer with PMB and quiet insert won't pass sound check. It does run great though.

I had a similiar question, on raw power along is the stock yzf426 muffler less restrictive than the stock wr426 muffler.

Thanks Adam

I change my stock WRF exhaust to a YZF GYT-R exhaust set-up. I also did the YZ TIMING as well as the needle change (change the WRF needle to the YZF needle. It runs great and the beast within the WRF was unlocked!

Im forgot what is the numbers on the needle though.... But you can check (look under parts)

Watch out! The YZ silencer with PMB and quiet insert won't pass sound check. It does run great though.

Just out of curiousity what did it test at?

I just put my brothers 04 ZY450 can on my 03 WR450. It bolted right up to the stock location. First I cut 3" off of the end of the end of the YZ can and the same amount off of the inner perforated pipe. I then drilled the can and riveted the end cap back on. This actually made the YZ pipe the exact same overall legnth as my WR pipe (mid-pipe to tip).

I did need to widen the plastic slot 1/4" where the rearmost mounting tab (on the can) passes through the fender.The YZ can has a thick (3/4"-7/8") rubber isolator where the WR part is just flat. You can't see this with the side panel on though. I had to use a longer M8 X 40mm bolt to replace the original rear WR bolt.

Power seems up only slightly because I was running the WR pipe unbaffeled with no insert. The two pipes sound similar but the YZ pipe seems slightly louder at 1/2 to WFO and the tone has deepened a little.

The YZ pipe weight did seem to be about half as much as the WR pipe. The headpipes appear identical and are listed as the same piece on the 03 YZ/WR Tech CD.

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