Good skid plates

I am looking for a good quality skid plate for my wr 450. Perferbaly one that i can get in canada. I want one that has good solid mounting and good protection.One of them i have been looking at is the devol; are they any good. :)

i have the utah sportcycle skid plate . very nice and was easy to mount. alan at flatland racing just e-mailed me and told me that they have there skid plate for the wr450 done now. i wanted to get that but i was impatient and got the utah one.

The Moose "shovel," as we call it, provides great protection but not sure if they have made one for the 450 as of yet.


E-line carbon kevlar. Awsome protection & looks very trick. :D Mounted up pretty easy too. :)

I run the works connection on top of the standard aluminum bottom plate for double the puncture protection. Extreme but I crash and bash the bike up all the time. I am on my second set of shrouds, headlight cover, front fender ignition switch and bark busters! I run Devol rad guards with Works connection rad braces as well. Up to 1,247. miles on this bike and it has held up fantastically for the abuse. :)

Don't buy until you've looked at Their skid plate is incredible for protection and looks. A little pricey, but well worth it.

I have the Works Connection guards. Get the side guards too, they don't add a lot of weight but keep big rocks away from engine cases.

Anyone have any luck with guards from Carbon Fiber Works? How do they compare with those from E-Line? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)

I like the White Brothers, if they even have them for the WR450 yet.

Get the E-LINE Skid Plate, It is incredible. Kevin Hines Owns the company and he is pretty cool. The frame and fork guards are great too.

Well whatever you do, do not get the factory skid plate for like 50 bucks cuz it sux, my beer can is stronger.

E-Line is the way to go. Rock solid, Looks awsome.

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