Tehachapi Windmill Farms

Anyone have any experience riding the single track trails on the windmill farm properties in this area?


Yeah I've ridden up there and into the farm also. There's a guy that own's some property back in there. He appeard to be taking pictures of us, using a rather large telephoto lens. I don't think it's a problem, just stay off his property. His property is marked extremely well, no house just a couple of small sheds.

You can't possible imagine how big those wind mills are until you're underneath one. Truly amazing...




That's so funny that you mention that because 2 weekends ago I was out there and as I rode along his fence line he took pictures of my dad and I as I waived to him. Did you see his dogs? He has two dogs -- they chase you but their tails are wagging.


Overthebars and Towrope,

The reason i asked is that i was also out there 2 weeks ago and rode at least 15 miles of bitchen single track. I think i saw the same guy you two mentioned, he had a couple shacks and was obviously watching us.

We also ran into a windmill worker that told us if security caught us we'd get a major ass chewing. He was a rider and said i guess they have to catch you first. Anyone care to show me more riding between Mojave and Tahachapi?


Guys, I have been up in that area before but I didnt see any good riding up there, it just seems to be service roads for the windmill workers, I think most of that area belongs to the Dept. of the Interior. So I try to stay away from that side of the Hwy. Also I have heard from many people that the residence of Tehachapi dont like motorcycles in their area at all. Dan

Hey Guys,

Dan is right. Unless you're just going up there to look at the mills, you're pretty much wasting you're time as it's all fire roads. You also run the chance of getting caught. Until I destroyed my hand, I would ride from my house in Rosamond out to Bean Canyon and up over the mountain along some gnarly single track, head over to Mojave, ride along the single track that Glenn was talking about and then head out underneath Hwy 58 and ride up into the mountains on the NW side of 58. Bitchin’ ride man….


The Doc cut my cast off yesterday and I am now wearing a brace. I still can't bend my thumb at all, and the swelling is still a site to see. I basically told him to put me in a brace so I can ice my hand at will, or I'd cut the cast off and go it alone. My bluff worked!

I think I have a buyer for my YZ, and when the sale’s done my friend, we need to talk about the Great White North. How 'bout a '02 WR450??? Hey I can dream can't I?


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