Anyone removed the E-start on the WR450?

I have been debating buying a YZ450 or a WR450. I want the low weight of the YZ, but I really want a 5 speed. Has anyone had any success removing the E-start and battery on a WR? If so, how much weight did the bike lose? My biggest concern is how to plug the hole in the cases where the starter motor connects. I know most people love having a push button start, but low weight is more important to me!

Along those lines, only different. Motocross Action last month made a WR into a MX bike, they kept the E-start and got rid of everything else including the kick starter and said it was the future of the 4 stroke MX bike.

I've been kicking the idea around but ther are a couple of things to consider. First you will have to either plug the hole where the starter goes into the ignition cover or wait for someone to make a YZ cover that will allow the stator to mount to it like the WR. Second after looking at the wiring mess under the tank it doesn't look like it will be a small undertaking. Finally if you do CC racing with dead engine, straddle fender starts the holeshot is hard to give up. :)

Keep the estart and get the WR. You will not be disapointed! The bike feels lighter than my '00 YZ 426. The estart is cool when you pull a stupid and stall it. In a race it could be worth it. You never have to stop. If you are doing off road, little moto the WR is the way to go. I had planned on another YZ. ---Mike

I removed mine. Can't believe others haven't done the same. I had a friend machine a plug where the e-start motor enters the case. This bike starts so easy. Anyway I figure between the estart removal and other mods I have removed 20lbs from my bike. It is so cool! I rode 400's until the 250 came out, went with the 250 because of the weight, now with the mods to the 450, I may just get rid of my 250.

I wouldn't give up my e-start for anything. I have all ready been in several postions on stalls that I really appreciated the thing.

I stalled my WR on top of a rocky hill. The bike is tall and instead of having to bulldog it down the hill I just hit the button.


If you don't have the means to plug the hole after the starter is removed then just leave the starter in place and remove the battery. The starter doesn't weigh all that much, but the battery sure does.

I don't know what removing the battery does to your electrical system though. I wouldn't think it would be good for the stator to be pumping electricity into an open circuit.

I think that before I removed my starter and battery for a decrease in weight of about 5 pounds, I'd go on a diet first and loose that 5 pounds from my gut! The starter is just too nice!


As alternators require some battery voltage to be able to generate current - and if this system is alternator driven -nothing will happen if you disconnect the battery - but if the system does not use an alternator and for some reason does need a feedback current/voltage (which is unlikely), a bypass resistor that would mimic a charged battery could be connected to the battery leads.

No, I removed the K-start...

Wouldn't be easier to see if you can put the speed tranny in the YZ ?, I know the Ktms can put the Exc trans in the Mx :)

Wouldn't be easier to see if you can put the speed tranny in the YZ?

Nobody seems to know for certain if this is possible.

Hey stunner, got any pics of cover you had machined?

I could send a photo but it a simple piece of aluminum machined to be a couple thousands bigger than the hole where the starter comes in. The plug is then pressed into the hole. To go back to the estart you just pull the plug back out.

Dont just remove the battery, you will need some sort of device to absorb shocks, ie voltage spikes. Sometimes a "battery eliminator" which is basically a capacitor is needed.

Yeah, you're probably right - chances are they're running a lighting coil with a full bridge rectifier (rather than an alternator) and the battery absorbs the spikes - you wouldn't want to fry the regulator circuit.

Hey, I've got a KDX 220 also...great fun bike!

I've considered putting a WR transmission into the YZ, but the cost was too prohibitive. I've checked with two different dealers -- both estimated the cost at around $2000. I think the parts alone are around $1200 (don't quote me on that, though). It's really a bummer, because I think you can get parts for a KTM transmission for around $600. Now, why can't Yamaha make it that simple?!? :)

My goodness...are you people nuts! The eaisiest and cheapest way to get a WR tranny is to sell the YZ and buy a WR! :)

I removed the e-starter, battery, lights etc from my 03 WR450 and it is amazing how much lighter it feels. I used a YZ front number plate and modified a YZ rear fender to fit. An automotive freeze plug works perfect for the hole where the starter plugs into the stator cover. DO NOT run the bike with an open circuit in place of the battery. I purchased a resister that is meant to mount in place of the battery on custom harleys and it works like a charm. If you do not put this in place of the battery you will fry the regulator. If I remember correctly the place I bought the resister from was called BATPACK. It was a while back so that may not be right. Do some searches for resisters to replace the battery on custom bikes and you should find something that works. The weight savings with this setup is significant. Why have an e-starter when these things kick start so easily???

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