Sprocket bolts

After replacing my rear sprocket I noticed the sprocket is thicher than the stocker(426) and the bolts are a tad short ,I used red loctite but I dont trust it, I need longer bolt. Anyone replaced there bolts with longer ones and if so what ones did you use.



I have used Renthal, Sidewinder and Sunstar sprockets and they all fit perfectly with the stock bolts. If it were me I would return any sprocket that didn’t fit perfectly and get my money back. Using one that is too thick may also put your chain out of line and put extra stress on your bike.

Replacement sprockets should have countersunk, sloped bolt holes like the stocker.

You didn’t try to put one on backwards did you? This would make bolts too short because of countersunk holes…

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Yo Oldtimer- are you the same oldtimer I used to ask '26 questions on the RMD? Well if so, I did get the bike, and now I have 8 races on it, and hehehe I've answered lots of the same questions here that I asked on the RMD before I got my bike... You still racing?



I may be the same person I still live in RMD alot or it might have been OLDFART he rode a 426 also but he gave it up for a KTM-250 EXC. WooooooHoooooo Im still racing. Last weekend I brought home the # 1 plate for our oldtimers regional series in 40 B Wooooo Hoooooo Im still pumped !


yes I have my sprocket on right, if it was backwards I'd have 5 gears in reverse hahahahahheheheheheheheh lololol

PBI didn't seem to taper the hole as deep as the stocker and other aftermarket sprockets the shop is making it right for me

(sorry group, this is off-topic)

Yes I remember you OLDFART hehehe so you gave up the 426 for a KTM??? Man I never thought that would happen. I rode a '95 380 EXC for about a year but it scared me (and the wife) so much I had to sell it and get a CR125, that scared me too hehe so I went back to mountain biking but now I'm on a 426... go figure... Anyway I saw one of your posts on here the other day, this is a very good forum, very knowledgeable people here like old Hick... Nice to see your posts and give us some RR's occasionally will you?


Pryor, OK

I had lots of problems with my sprocket bolts as well. But, I put a new chain on and the mysterious loosening bolts stopped. At

least for now.

Incidentally, I bought the sidewinder top of the line o-ring gold chain and it didn't last very well with the stainless steel sidewinder sprockets. Maybe the ss eats chains.


After reading some accounts of exploding hubs and funny shaped sprockets I made sure to get some new Nylocks (nuts w/ plastic locking insert) for my next sprocket change. I love them on critical parts on my pickup, but reusing them a bunch of times is not a good idea because eventually the nylon wears out. I imagine removing a loctited bolt would accelerate this, but I used blue loctite anyway; those sprocket stories were SCARY :) Anyway, I feel better now, but you may want to try this, any good hardware or fastener store has lots of different kinds of locking nuts, and even the ones Yammy uses will wear out (but not as fast as a nylock) and lose their effectiveness.

Thanks for the tip on the chain okie. I am now a diehard Regina o-ring fan because my last one went forever! I don’t think I ever had to tighten it! I was impressed. It did not outlast my sidewinder stainless sprocket by a longshot but it survived a 2 hour race and 2 or 3 more months of riding. It may have lasted longer on a softer alum. sprocket but on the other hand the Sidewinder didn’t hook at all, and I always thought that hooked sprockets are what eats chains.

My chain was still in good shape, but when I regeared for my last race I replaced the countershaft sprocket, it was pretty hooked, as well as the rear Sidewinder. So because of that plus wanting to be on the safe side for my race I put a new chain on.

You can see some wear on my Sidewinder, but it is pretty minimal. So the Regina lasted longer than the Renthal 14 tooth counter, but both were outdone by the Sidewinder, which I’m sure will end up back on my bike at some point.

BTW the only other o-ring chain I have tried was a pretty pricey DID (but I can’t remember which model). It didn’t last half as long as the Regina, and it was well beyond the limit when I finally replaced it. Maybe I just abused it more, but for now I’m sticking with Regina.

Didn’t mean to insult your intelligence MXOld, I should have realized that was too obvious. Even a spode would notice if his bike ran backwards :D


I bought the regina gold, But, not an oring and it hasen't loosened a bit. I think I'll like this chain. Thanks for the feedback.

okie426 :)

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