First Ride 2010 YZ

Rode my 2010 for the 1st time today and it is not heavy!!!. It rolls lightly, feels light and rides lightly.

To keep it light I have a lever stand and thus I do not need to break my back to pick up the rear portion of 245 #'s or whatever it weights:busted::banghead:

It is also very narrow and easy to move around on.

This is a for sure.....this is one nice bike. I am 57 and I am a bit of a has been (was a 70's Pro and a 80's Vet Pro and a fairly good over 40 rider....however the last 7 years I have spent building my business)...thus I ride with great respect for such a powerful bike. I am not ready to launch big arse jumps yet and more than likely will stick to doable doubles, however I launched the bike into some situations (knowing full well what I was doing) to see what would happen. (Testing) The suspension took the hit very nicely and thus programming my ole brain with some confidence if I create an error or a fock_p:thumbsup:

For me:

The bike needs a 50 tooth rear. (No I have no affiliation with MXA) Then I can make 3rd gear my work horse gear.

I need 1/2" lower pegs. I'm a short shit with a 33" inseam thus I find a fair amount torso weight to high.

Might also raise the bars a 1/2" so I can stand more and not feel hunched over.

I centered the valving front and rear, found center (thanks for the advice from another 2009 Yamadog rider:thumbsup:) then backed it off 4 from center. this helped a lot, now I just need to slowly get back up to speed to make the suspension work the way it was designed. I doubt I will send it off at all if ever.

Any way it is now dirty and in need of some work. But that needs to wait as I owe.. I owe it is off to work I go........


So how much do ya weigh? the reason i ask is cause I'm waiting on mine to come in and I weigh 175lbs and was wondering if the stock springs and fork would be ok for me.

Did you seem to think the bottom end had a big hit to it?

With gear I am about 180 #'s.

Does it have a big hit on the bottom...My thought is no, it is just a solid amount of power right now, no lag or surprise, but definitly very strong. It is easy to raise the front under acceleration.

Well thanks for the input. I may not have to get the suspension and forks revalved. since you seem to think it is pretty good the way it is stock.

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