red sticker riding time at gorman

hey all of you socal riders do you knows if theyre going to let red stickers ride during the off time like they did last year :D or they going to stop you :D thanks :)


Since all bike made before 03 are supposed to get a green sticker, I don't think they will be checking much. Beside the parkaides that work the gate are usually clueless. I've never seen them check for stickers, just spark arresters. Get there early and no one is even at the gate. I wouldn't worry to much have fun.

In N cal my local park said they wouldnt enforce the RED but the forest rangers up North already were looking for red stickers last year.

I was at Hungry Valley last weekend and saw a sign at the entrance stating that red sticker season starts this weekend (I think that was the date). Guess that means they will be enforcing it. Why dont you call them and ask. This number should get you close. Hungry Valley Info from the web page: 661-248-7007

The way I understand it is that red sticker program will not be enforced this year. This will give the DMV time to issue all 2002 and older bikes that were previously red sticker bikes a new green sticker. After the end of this year enforcement will begin. I received my green sticker for my 01WR426 in the mail last week. The expiration date is the same but they sent me a new reqistration card along with a green sticker.

My riding bud accross the street just got his 2002 Green sticker in the mail. It appears the DMV is retro green stickiers fr all bikes under 2002.

I have heard of this from a few people now getting greenies in the mail.

I bet its the first time in our lives green never looked so Good Eh :)

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