new guy with old question

Actually if you're a little lean mixing some of the 110 in and raising your octane might help clear things up.

ill give it a shot ,, thanks , on the ride i took before the last post,, it was about 44 degrees and after the bike warmed up it seemed pretty good ,, i did get a little pop on decel but just at the bottom end ,, i think if i had tried to give it a hard snap all the way open it may still have stubled, but in riding i didnt notice anything,, and it was pull the front wheel over through thrid

I Think that it could be water in the carb, so take the nut off the bottom of the carb to drain the gas out.That it where the jet is located that you can change without removing the carb. I just went up to a larger jet and my bike runs better. Go up 5 each time and try it out. I think that the quickshot add on is a good thing as well. South Valley motor sport in Draper Utah have a nice designed one as well. I put there design on and it help with the burping at low end full throttle. I would also take the door off the top of the air box to get more air in as well. Good luck

again thanks for all the help,,, i think at this point im going to ride it and keep an eye on it , it seems like the main jet may be a little on he lean side, but to be honest i probably wont ride it all that much when its this cold out side,,, at least after the new wears off of it ,, so if it is just a little lean in thins weather , and runs perfect in the warmer weather witch i will do most of my riding in ,, than I'm better off to just leave it alone,,,

thank you guys for all of your help, i appreciate it

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