New 2010 yz450f Forum

All I read about is 2010 yz450f, You 2010 guys need your own forum.

Yes I'm jealous!

Just trying to get some info about it is all.


I'm good with a seperate forum.

well now that we have broken the ice. I'll start it off!

While I'm waiting for mine to come in I'm wanting to get some things for it that I think will be useful and good to have.

first thing I want to get is a radiator brace that will protect from the side and an inpact to the front. i was thinking of DEVOL but they dont have the 2010 out yet i dont think.

works connection will have theres out Dec 16 or at least rocky mountain atv will have it then.

It's kinda hard to find anything for it just yet. hopefully by january everybody will have stuff made for it.

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