Differences between 05 & 09 WR 450 & Plating ?

What are the major differences between the 05 through 09 WR 450? Tried to do a search with no luck.

Just looking to buy an 05 dual sport.

Also, anyone know where I can find more information on whether or not CA will be pulling the plates on these or if it is just a wait and see?.. Don't want to pay for a plated bike only to find out they pull it.

Thanks in advance.


Just looking for any major frame, motor or transmission changes.

Found a couple of dual sport 05 WR 450's but would like to know if changes are worth getting a newer year.

05 - steel frame

09 - Al frame

can't get a bigger diff than that!

I've ridden '05 (mine) '06 and '07. The frame went from steel to aluminum and the engine mapping was a little different. Mine is plated since '05 Ventura county and I have had no problem with the DMV. I like the hit my engine has compared to the newer models but it did take some $$ and time to get it just right. Good luck...

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