Plug? White Lithium Grease? YZ Throttle Stop?

:) Greetings THUMPS! I am a proud owner of a 2001 WR426 and was wondering which plug I should be using, stick with stock or try something else? I also wanted to know if using white lithium grease on my drive chain would cause any damage, tried it this weekend and it repelled sand, mud, dust and water awesome and did not fling off, will this casue a problem or is it ok to use? Last question, replaced my trimmed down throttle stop with a YZ throttle stop and could swear the trimmed down one (3mm shorter than YZ) gave me better perdormance than the $12 dealer part, could it be my imagination or what?

Thanks in advance for the answers, have a great week and ride safe this weekend!


St. Joe park (MO)

South Fork Dirtriders (IL)

Little Egypt/Sahara (IL)

William Hill Pass (IL)

Millcreek park (IL)

I dunno about the rest of the stuff, but that lithium grease thing sounds kinda cool. I can't immagine what it could hurt, but putting it on might be an issue. Did you use the spray-on kind? Maybe the throttle is limited more with the yz stop. You should pull the stop out and compare the two. You might be onto something. :)


Yes I used the spray on type of White Lithium Grease in a can similar to a WD-40 can with small red tube, sprays on great with no mess and does not seem to fling off at all, just finished washing my bike and it is still repelling the water.

I could be way off on the throttle stop length but the bike seems to have lost a small bit of punch at full throttle, probably should put my trimmed down stop to make sure but was scared that mine was too short and could cause problems.

Have a great evening!



I removed my throttle stop completly...Not a single problem covered the hole in the cover with some silicone.. :)

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