New yz426 a little help please.

Just picked up a 01 426 that needs some tlc to get it back into shape again. While going over it I noticed a couple of things that I haven't com across on a 4stroke so far.

I dropped the oil and it was really dark and thick, and well over due for a change, when I came to change the filter I was alarmed at how many metal filing there were there, possible 1/3 of a tea spoon. I've never seen as much as that before as my oil changes are normally every 5hrs, anyone seen this or would be overly concerned?

The other is when I checked the valve clearance they were all tight. Again I have never had any on my bike go out of spec. Is it ok to shim them to bring them into spec or should I be really putting new valves in???

Also would the valve shims be the same as kawasaki ones, as my local yamaha dealer doesn't have them in stock.


welcome fellow gg owner....

there is tons of info in that link on those bikes, including a link to a manual...

not sure if the kawi shims are the same, but the honda is...

Make sure you read the one about the threads on the filter cover...

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If you reshim the valves only .05mm or so to bring them into spec, then run the bike 2-3 hours and reinspect the clearances. If they have tightened further, the valves have worn throught their hard coating and need replacement. If they look OK, go another 2-3 hours and check again.

Regarding the metal in the filter. Is this the first time you have had the filter out of this bike? It could simply be that no one has refreshed the filter in the last several changes, and the normal amount of metal has accumulated in a larger quantity due to the that neglect. The filter should be serviced each time you change oil.

The KXF450 shims should be the same 9.48mm diameter shims.

i have the same issue have you figured it out

mine is an 02 just bought it

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