GAS GAS EC250 08 to WRF 450 06

I am thinking of trading my Gasgas 250 for a low hour WR 450 06 with Ohlins shock, Leo Vince slip on and revalved, resprung forks. I know its a heavy bike but will it serve me as a do it all bike. I ride tight single tracks and some moto with some road use as well. Your opinions will be really appreciated.

I don't know that I would make that switch for tight single track. You already have one of the best bike on the planet for that. Now if I wanted to do more something like in the way of DS or fire roads then yes, the WR would be great. When I bought my last bike (GG EC300), I thought about a WR, but all those valves and timing chains scare me. I have never regretted my choice. I did however keep my XR650R for DS and fire roads. I don't worry so much about the XR valves, they are much easier than a WR's and much more reliable than the high performance 4T's like the WR. Buckets and shims I no likey.

I just went from an 05 EC250 to an 06 WR450F. Did my first ride on the WR yesterday in fact. I was very surprised at how well the WR handled on the singletrack. It wasn't bad at all. It surprised me. It isn't even close to the EC250, but if you are just trailriding and not racing, then the WR is fine. You sort of have to plan you moves a little more in advance on the WR, instead just braking and cutting on the EC250. If I was to go back to racing enduros again, then I would definetly be back on a EC250. However I wanted a bike that I could do some light DS stuff and be a decent trailbike. The WR will serve that purpose just fine. The WR is still a heavy 450, so in the real tight, back and forth tight stuff, it will handle like a heavy 450. But I'm not in hurry these days, so I didn't have a problem with it.

On fireroads, with the stock 14/50 gearing, steady riding in 5th at 45mph is ok, when I went 50mph the motor is buzzing pretty good. Probably wouldn't want to cruise at anything above 45mph for extended periods. Not very comfortable. A swap of sprockets would allow the WR to be more comfy on the road, but then you would be geared too tall for singletrack. 14/50 isn't bad on the trails, just a gap b/t 2nd and 3rd, that shows up at the wrong times. I'm going to 14/51 and just limit my fireroad cruising speed to 40-45mph. I really don't want to go any faster than that on gravel roads anyway.

Side note, my battery was dead. So I had to kick start all day. It fired up on the first or second kick every time and the kick stroke was easy, similar to a 300 2 stroke. Very pleased with that. Easiest kick starting 450 I have ever kicked over.

The valves are not that big a deal on the WR. It seems intensive before you do it, but once you are in there, not that big a deal. Nothing as easy as XR's and the KTM RFS motors, but not crazy difficult. Properly checked and adjusted, you should have years of trouble free riding.

I really like the WR450. It will be great for an all around trailbike/light Dual Sporter. I wouldn't use it on 200 mile a day Trans America type rides, but I guess you could.

Hope that helps you.

i would agree with bandit9..

i was lucky enough to keep my 300 gg when i bought my 06wr450...

both very good bikes imo. i still take the 300 on "those" rides.... you know the ones where you ride 38 miles in 7 hours.... my wr kick starts as easy as my 300 also. the e start is effortless..Yamaha valves are no issues at all. I do stall the 450 more than the 300, but that is rider error 99% of the time.

i trail ride mine 100% of the time... no racing.... no hurry.


I know this is the wrong forum, but what do you think of the EXC 450's compared to the almighty WR450?. I know they are a bit lighter feeling but PDS and reliability hmmm not that sure?

I am unbiased when it comes to dirt bikes. I've had one of each flavor except Suzuki. I had an 05 450exc. Can't speak to the later models, but the one I had was pretty good and versatile. I raced half a season on it, and while it is a tick better than the 06 WR450 on the trails, it is head and shoulders better as a Dual Sport. The 6th gear really shines in this regard. I rode the Arkansas portion of the Trans America Trail on it in Enduro trim. Zero mods, same gearing, tires, I think I still had my roll chart on the bars too, I mean just like I went to an enduro. It wasn't as comfy as the DR650's and XR650's that were with me, I rode standing up 3/4 of the time b/c 400 miles on that seat is pretty nasty. It got me there and back with no problems. Overall, I had no major mechanical problems with it, but had all sorts of little nickel and dime issues, like a leaky Counter shaft seal that I just couldn't fix. I tried all the fixes and "updated" parts, 3 times in fact, and it would still leak. It was still a heavy 450 in the tight and technical. It turned a little better, the valves were a piece of cake. 15 mins start to finish valve check and adjust. WR is more involved and a PIA b/c you don't know what shims you will need until you open it up. So a trip to dealer, then the enevitable wait for parts that are not in stock. Buy a shim kit and it is a 1-2 hr job for me.Suspension was worked over by my tuner, and the PDS never bothered me. Worked pretty good. Never even rode it with the stock suspension. The WR has a better powerband for me, the EXC was super smooth, but required clutch work to lift the front end in 3rd and higher gears. Ironically, I thought the hydro clutch on the KTM had a stiffer pull than this WR450. KTM clutch made all kinds of noises, it still worked good, but was squealy and noisy. Not comforting. WR clutch feels much better, tighter, and quiet. 450EXC is a good bike, but sold it and went to the GasGas 250 for enduro work. Now that is an enduro bike. Anyhow, flash forward 2 years and I was looking for another 450EXC, mainly b/c of ease of plating, but I really don't care for KTM that much and I always wanted a WR. I'm a closet Yamaha guy. This 06 WR450 popped up and was plated, plus the price was right. So I went with it. And I like it. I would say they are tit for tat off road, but the 6th gear of the KTM gives it the edge if you are into longer DS stuff, but you will be a lot lighter in the wallet. KTM needed a stabilizer, kind of skittish at speed. I don't feel like the WR needs one, pretty stable, so I'm not going to bother with it. I didn't run a stabilizer on my GasGas either. I've heard the newer KTM's are a lot better than older models and I've heard the newer WR's are a lot better than the older models. You can't overlook the fact that the KTM is plated from the factory (Hello Yamaha???), and in the USA, the WR is not. So there you go.

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