Funky Carb Breather setup

Hi Fello TT'ers

Whilst trying to find the cleanest way to t-junction off my carb breather hoses I decided a little easy flow soldering was in order.

The following picture is what I did, and I must say it is really tidy, saves having to have 2 hoses going back from the carb and cost less than $3

All it took was a bit of 3/16 and 7/32 brass pipe (got it from a hobby shop) a little bit of filing with a round file and some easy flow solder.

The 7/32 pipe I filed two holes in it using a round file, cut off a couple of lengths of the 3/16 and with a hole filed in the middle of each, pushed them through the 7/32 pipe. Soldered them up and hey presto, a four way t-junction. :)


Cheers Dean

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