2009 YZ450F suspension setup...Vet riders

Please post up your settings...I searched and the other thread wasnt helpful.

Looking for riders in the 195-215 range. Thanks.

Skill level:

Weight with gear:

Susp tuner:


Spring rate:



Fork pos in clamp:






Spring rate:

Just picked up a new 09 and wanna get a good starting point. I have .48 fork springs and 5.7 shock spring. I am 205 without gear. Vet B. Came off an 08 but lost my suspension data in the move from Florida. And I bought that one used with suspension already set up. Thanks again.

looking for this too. just about the same criteria. Probably go with factory connection

go to factory connection and ask for ''bill'' tell him u want rob toths setting off his 09 yamahas u will b soooooooooo happy!

I doub't this will be of much value to you, because the paticular tracks you ride, personal preferance and skill level can dramaticaly change these settings. For example, off-road (WORCS style) in the rear I tend to prefer stiffer springs, softer compression (both H/S and L/S) in the rear, and a softer setting in the front for better turning and the braking bumps. I don't have much time on my YZ yet on M/X tracks, but so far on the tracks I run, I am bone stock on the rear, and just a bit stiffer on compression in the forks.

Skill level: Expert off-road (thats below pro here), O/30 & O/40 Int/Exp M/X

Weight with gear:185 without, I've never weighed myself with it, 200 maybe?

Susp tuner:myself, I rarely get re-valved suspension


Spring rate:stock (I might end up going stiffer)


Comp:few clicks stiffer than stock for M/X, stock for off-road

Fork pos in clamp: stock, a few mms up in clamps with damper


Sag:102 mm

Rebound:stock, a couple clicks harder for off-road

LSC:stock for M/X, (just a few turns from full soft for off-road)

HSC: stock for M/X (full soft-1/2 a turn in from full soft for off-road, biggest change I make)

Spring rate: stock

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