Clutch bite???

I have a problem with my clutch. It don't want to slip, even if I let off the clutch very slowly the clutch bite sudenly at a certain point.

Does anybody know what could be the cause and what was the remedy.

CrazyRonny ( excuse my english ;o) )

This is a fairly common complaint now with the 426. I think it is safe to say that the consensus is that the 426 clutch does not get enough oil. This is probably what is making your clutch grab.

I splurged for the $225 (USD) Hinson clutch basket. It has more oil passages than the stocker and is also stronger. I was amazed at the difference this made. My 426 clutch is now as smooth as my KX 250’s.

Alternatively, I have heard of guys fixing the problem by widening the spiraled oil grooves in the actuation rod, and/or you could drill oil holes in the tangs of your stock basket (to mimic Hinson’s design) and see if that helps.

But drilling holes in the tangs may be risky since stock baskets have been known to break.

A side issue is that Yamaha will supposedly replace certain baskets that were manufactured incorrectly. If your basket does not have reinforcing ridges on each inside edge of the tangs on the basket (inside the basket) then you should try and get a new one because these “bad” baskets will break. Does that make any sense at all?

Excuse MY English…

Hope this helps!


Yes I just basically regurgitated the MXA article, and after reading your post I wish I didn’t toss my original basket. Sure, it’s toast because I removed the gear plate but I’m curious as to the ridges you describe because I don’t remember seeing any. Plus my bike hit the dealer in December of ’99 and supposedly the earlier bikes had the “bad” baskets. Maybe mine was one of them.

Maybe I didn’t throw it away. I’ll fish around my parts pile later and see…

I'll have to differ some on the subject regarding reinforcing ridges on the stock basket. In a recent MXA article, they said that the center hub must be removed to see the ridges (this is not necessary to see reinforcement at the tangs). If you remove the hub (plates must be removed first) you should see reinforcing ribs in a snowflake pattern at the back, flat part of the basket. The picture in MXA did not show the center hub removed, just some idiot squeezing the tangs with his finger. The ridges on the tangs are a basic part of the design, so I doubt very much that they would be missing. So how do ridges at the back of the basket affect the tang strength? Indirectly, I suppose, but this still seems a little muddy.

Incidentally, the Hinson does not have ridges at the back of the basket (like my stock basket did), but it's probably made of a thicker, stronger material.


It would interesting if you could find it, because right now I'm not sure which is right (or if the rib thing is a hoax). It seems that neither of us have any good use for the stock basket, so I guess it's not really important.

I've kept my old basket because I think it might make a nice clock. :)


Yeah, I did find my old basket hinding underneath a KX500 pipe and fender.

I wish I had a digicam, but it did have ribs like you described. But it also didn’t look like a very good casting. Lots of ridges and bubbles on some of the unfinished or non-machined parts and especially around all those “snowflake” ridges on inside face.

It would be interesting if someone who has had one break on them could post a picture.

I don’t smoke but it looks like a natural for a cigar ashtray to me. Or turn it upside down for a lamp shade. But I can also see how it would work nicely as a wall clock. Any other suggestions?

I also have a grabby clutch. The bike is two weeks old with two trips to the track on it (the first was an easy break-in ride). After changing the oil and filter following the first ride, the "grabbiness" was very evident on my second ride. It finally went away after several hours of riding in 100 plus degree weather. I took the bike back to the dealer where I bought it and they said this issue is known, will not cause any catastrophic failures, will not cause premature clutch wear, and is not a warranty issue. They said if the basket was the early type without the ribs they would replace it but the new basket would not cure the grabbiness. I will probably replace the clutch basket with a Hinson and pray that I don't grenade the gearbox. After reading about all the problems posted on this website, I'm getting worried.

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