Does anyone know if there is a hydrolic clutch system for yamaha in the pipeline. This is a really good feature on those KTM'S which would make tha yamaha's just the perfect bike, wouldn't you agree. surely it wouldn't make that much difference to production cost, I just don't get it :).

No doubt i am not the only one who has thought of this.

I think you get better feel with a cable-actuated clutch. Cost is also concern. I would also hate to take a hit in the clutch-perch area.

My .01, I think I lost the other .01 some time ago! :)


There are aftermarket ones... Hebo and Magura... As for the Jap bikes doing one from the factory, not sure... Street bikes have them, but dirt bikes would be a bit more if they had to include them... Part of the reason KTM's are more expensive... they have some better equipment... like hydraulic clutches, decent bars, instead of the sticks of solder that Yamaha calls handlebars... It would be nice, but maybe they think no-one would pay the extra...

Once one of them do it, they all will... no doubt it will come in time, and on the big bikes first, then the 250's then down to 125's...

I think we will see them about the time we get Fuel injection on Jap dirt bikes... in about 2-3 years...



i actually have a hebo unit installed. fits pretty nice.. its still cable actuated at the end where it pulls but the feel is constant now.

you could just try that if you really want a juice clutch..

my 2 cents..

I have always wondered about those hydraulic to cable clutches. Are they any improvement over the cable only clutches? Is it easier to pull than a cable only clutch? Does it help with arm pump?


The hydraulic clutch is too much of a liability on a dirt bike. A buddy of mine with an '01 SX125 and I raced a motocross this weekend. During practice he crashed and broke the hydraulic line. We were able to borrow one off of a trials bike and then had to prime it. He missed the second practice because it took so long to change out. But he made the moto. He has also had to rebuild it once, but a 125 sees a lot of clutch usage. I like it on my Ninja, but it doesn't have any feel to when the clutch engages.

Later, Devo

Like anything, there are pros and cons. Not having any problem with the cable, just that the hydrolis deos have a nicer feel.

The cost factor though is still what I cant get. The price differance between the Yahama and KTM here is very slight with all the basic stuff like bars and rotors:confused:

Don't get me wrong I love my bike and am not thinking of changing.

I am going to put taper bars and wave rotors on soon as the front is sometimes not effective enough, depending on how charged i am on the day.

How many coin are you looking at for the after market hydrolic clutch systems??

Thanks to all for your input. :)

WHY? My new 450 is a one finger pull and a crash wont ruin my day. I also have no need for oversize bars and run normal 909's. I must be bucking the trend, maybe if KTM would make a clutch you could pull with a cable they could save money too. Plastic on both bikes could be better also.

Funny part is I have a dirt bike with an electric start and like it so...........

There is absolutely nothing better than a hydro clutch. I have had both Magura and Hebo's....Both are excellent units. The best thing about hydro's is that the pull is always the same and never fades. When most folks are getting arm pump during a 3 hour cross country race in the tight woods, your still fresh, and still in control.

People who say that juice clutches are not worth the money have either never used one, or are parrotting someone elses mis-information.

Recently Hebo has dramatically reduced the prices of it's products...$120.00 for a complete setup is a steal.

Bonzai :)

I had a Hebo unit on my 426 for about a year. I took on some water and it leaked into the slave cylinder and hasn't worked right since... The pull is magic, way smoother than the stock clutch but it comes with a cost. I don't know about the Magura unit....

YAMAKAZE, I can't agree more, there is no point saying that something is the best just because that is what is on our bikes. The question was purely just a matter of interest and to see what people HONESTLY thought of fluid clutches. I am pleased to see that you can get after market units and one may be added to my bike sometime in the future. :)

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