I put in the speed bleeders the other day, well one of them anyway. But all I can say is cool! I have never bled my own brakes before. And these things were made for mechanical morons like myself. Simple as 1, 2, 3...take the old one out, put the speed bleeder in and and flush the system by youself.

The only problem I had was the first one I put in the front brake snapped off. It was longer than the stock and looked like it should go in more as several threads were exposed. But my neighbor came to the rescue again. He had the tools to get it out. I put the other one in, carefully, and wahlah! instant and easy brake bleeding.

I called Speed Bleeder to order new ones and they replaced the broken one for free. They said they are getting calls of them being a tad too long. But they still work great. I am going to get some for my street bike too. They also make them for your cars if you work on your own.

If you are skitish about doing your own brakes, like I have been for years, you absolutely have to get these things. Only $15 for the pair.

Dougie. Bought one of those for my WR400 back in 99'. Works like a charm. Love to hook up sometime. Where in Parker do you live ? I'll ride my street legal WR450 over sometime and we'll compare notes, do some bench racing, and complain about the stupid roundabout on Main Street.

Please post where you can get them...

Check out www.speedbleeder.com you won't regret it.

Hey HP, I'll PM my contact info. Just itching to get on it. Rampart is still closed but should be open next weekend. I guess they are cutting down hundreds of trees felled by the snow.

Thinking of going to Thunder Valley on Tuesday. Need to get my legs before Moab.

Still working on the bike. I ran it up the street the other day and it ran like crap. I need to pull the carb and clean it out. I hope that is it. I am going to de-octopus while it is off. Waiting for the new start and slow air jets to come in. We should definately hook up for a ride.

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