YZ to WR?

Very seriously considering going from my 01 YZ 426 to a new WR 450. Originally wanted to ride the YZ on the track and in the woods with friends and kids, but I seem to spend way too much time working to get to the track more than 2 or 3 times a year, ( hour and a half driving time ) most riding is on trails... tight, steep, rooty, rocky trails. I think that the gearing on the WR will be more friendly, and the coolant resevoir, headlight and kick stand would be nice. My question is who has spent time on both, will I be really disapointed with the power delivery? :) I love the punch of my YZ, and will order a YZ cam in hopes of keeping some of it.

Thanks, Rick

I haven't spent a lot of time on a yz426 but I have riden my neighbors a few times. It's what made me decide to get mine. I doubt you will be dissapointed with the WR. Especially if you change to yz cam timing. The new 450 has tons of bottom and is every bit as good as the 426 on top. The WR is great offroad and I have even had mine to the local track a few times where it didn't fair to bad for an offroad bike.


I have both and I think you would be better off with the WR. The YZ has a high first gear and more abrupt power. The WR still has big power but pulls down low much better. If you put a Pro Moto baffle and change the jetting you will have a sweet bike. The e start, and the big tank and the kick stand are nice to have.

stopped by my dealer today and they had a WR450 put together, they just got it in yesterday, and I got to ride it up the street. I feel a whole lot better about the switch now. The baffle was out, throttle stop changed, and grey wire unplugged, and it felt pretty familiar compared to my YZ. The YZ cam will be here tomorrow and I should be able to pick it up after work! :)

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