Breaking Chains

I have now broken three o ring chains. I have checked the alignment of the axle. The sprockets are not wearing out on the sides or anything like that. When the first chain broke it broke a tooth off of the coutershaft sprocket. When I removed it I noticed that the chain had been rubbing a wear mark in the case. I replaced the countershaft sprocket and have since broken 2 more chains.

The outside part of the link is just tearing in half. This bike makes really good power but I think somthing else is wrong.

Any Ideas??? :)

Sounds like there is another issue at work. Possible chain adjusted to tight?? Bent or worn sprocket? Hope you get it figured out.

I thought maybe I was running it too tight too. So I loosened it to where it was really making a lot of noise. It broke when it was loose too.

Start fresh with all new chain, sprockets and chain guides. Set the chain tension and go ride! Problems will be solved.

Always replace everything when putting on a new chain. It has worked for me for the last 3 decades. :)

Thats a real bummer that you broke 3 chains it should be faily easy to fix though. There is no way that these bikes will break a good quality chain if they are aligned right adjusted right and the sprokets are good . First replace the cahin and sprokets then if you have any doubt about the chain being too loose compress the suspension with one or two (if nec) people . and male sure the chain is not taught ,if it is it will break when you compress the suspension like when yoou hit a big bump under power.

Good luck

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