Does a piston of YZ450F fit into YZF450 quad?

So can I run dirt bike piston in a quad? I would think yes, but Yamaha has different part# for them.

It may depend on the year of the quad engine. Those made earlier than '08 were 439 cc engines with a shorter stroke and an externally oiled top end. The '08's were 449 cc engines.

Ask in the quad forum.

definatly need to know the year first. on the short stroke engines the hot set-up has been to drop in a WR rotating assy & piston to make it a 449cc. Heres a good source with some knowligable YFZ riders who do this alot...

you'll see they refer to the pistons as 18mm(long rod wrist pin diameter) and 20mm(short stroke wrist pin dia.)

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