Divide Open??????

I've been hearing reports that Divide (trails around 717) are starting to open up... Has anybody been out there to try it yet?

Jonesin' for some good mountain trail riding.. :)


Going there next week on Thursday with the kids (off track). I'm hoping some of the good stuff is still left, but we may have to hang south and east. It is so ironic that the threat to that area was not bikes w/o spark arresters, but rangers with matches and issues. Tragic.

i have a question for you, how do you get to the trails? im riding saturday and cant ride rampart till next weekend the ranger says? what about the captain jacks area?

thanks! :)

There was still snow on the north facing trails at Captain Jacks last weekend. I didn't go past trail 666. That was on a MTN bike. Should be open in a few weeks. Might even try it this weekend.


Not sure if anybody is interested, but I'm heading up there Saturday morning for a little trail riding, start from the Trout Creek trail head.. I'll be in a brown F-250 Crew Cab with a black trailer... If anybody is interested, we could hookup for some early season re-con... Probably about between 9 - 9:30am


Let me know how much is re-opened up there. I might try to get up there early on Sunday. :)


Please give us some feedback after your ride tomorrow....we're heading up there Sunday AM.

Have fun! :)

Terrible you do not want to go, everything is closed.... :D :D :D :D

Absolutely Incrediable... That's all I can say... :D :D :D... I couldn't find a single closed trail from snow. A little ice in a couple of spots, but good mud, great water crossing and perfect weather... There were a good many people at the trail head, but only saw a few out on the trail.. I think I put on about 50 miles and made it out to the Signal Butte area..

I may even head back there tomorrow afternoon just to get my weekend fill.... :)



Thanks for the follow up report.....stoked to go tomorrow!


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