metal shavings 426

i just bought this bike and dont know anything about 4 strokes

i changed oil and filter and found filter cloged with metal shavings

it doesnt smoke so i dont think its piston ring??????? please give me

some advise before i spend a lot of money

Clogged? not good! First check the timing chain, sometimes if not maintained they will eat up the guides or sprockets.

ok but if its fine then what? thx

Are the shavings steel or aluminum? I'd guess clutch plates 1st.

Do you have any idea how often the previous owner changed the filter? Should be done AT LEAST every second oil change.

What you may want to do is to do a complete oil change with a new filter and run it for a couple of days. Then change it again and see what it looks like after a more normal interval.

thanks alot guys that makes me feel a little better

ill try it and get back to you

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